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Workplace Emergency and Natural Disasters

Learning Management and Training
Course Preview

Are your staff prepared for a workplace emergency?

Anything can happen. Most people would agree that emergencies and disasters are some of “the worst” things that could occur. No one really expects an emergency to happen to them, right? Yet emergencies do occur–each and every day. They can strike anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Their impact can be devastating.

This course is an overview of some of the most common workplace emergencies and the actions employees must take to cope with unexpected hazardous situations. Each workplace is unique. This course provides a general framework for understanding and using an employer’s individualized, comprehensive plan for emergencies. You will be exploring the basic elements of an emergency plan and using them to be effective during a crisis scenario. After taking this course, learners should feel more confident in their ability to read and understand an emergency plan, so they can action in an emergency situation and ensure the safety of anyone they may be responsible for.