Research Brief

Using Assessments for Employee Development in Human Services

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Research Brief
Professional Development
Using Assessments for Employee Development White Paper Cover

Download this research brief to learn how assessments can:

  • Help organizations hire the right person for the right job
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of onboarding
  • Be used post-hire to improve employee development and identify your strongest employees

About This Research Brief

Turnover rates of direct care staff in human services organizations — particularly those providing behavioral health or intellectual/developmental disabilities services — are as high as 80%.

Replacing such a large volume of skilled professionals has considerable costs, and turnover undermines your efforts to maintain the quality and continuity of care.

Assessments are a valuable tool for improving employee recruiting, retention, and satisfaction. Effective use of assessments help improve every part of the employee life cycle, including interviewing, onboarding, and professional development — not to mention decreasing employee turnover and company spending and increasing productivity and engagement.

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