PDPM Series Part 4: Non-Therapy Ancillaries Case Mix Groups

Post-Acute Care

PDPM Webinar Series

Non-therapy ancillary (NTA) charges (i.e., meds, medical supplies, etc.) are a big cost of caring for residents in a Medicare Part A stay. The PDPM will now include an NTA category based on a point system. In this fourth webinar of our six part series, learn which items on the MDS or Medicare claim will be used to determine the NTA score and its impact on payment.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Identify how the non-therapy ancillary (NTA) component will be calculated
  • Identify how ICD-10 codes impact the NTA category outcome


Ron Orth RN, CHC, CMAC

Senior Analyst: SNF Regulations and Clinical Reimbursement, Relias

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