Patient Experience White Paper
White Paper

Patient Experience: Fundamentals and New Frontiers

Healthcare is experiencing a consumer revolution. Patients were once willing to meet the healthcare system on its terms, or at least they were resigned to those terms. Now patients are demanding that the healthcare system meet them where they are—on their phones, on their schedule, with a minimum of hassle.

What sets healthcare apart from other consumer-driven industries, however, is the healing relationship between provider and patient. The fundamental practices that lead to outstanding patient experiences are those that cultivate this relationship. As new technologies—such as patient portals, telehealth apps, and smart hospital rooms—create new frontiers in the patient-provider relationship, we must consider how to use existing tools and develop new ones to strengthen the special, healing relationship at the core of what we do.

Download this white paper to explore some of the ways innovation can strengthen patient experience:

  • Ask patients “What matters to you?” to start a conversation about patient preferences and values.
  • Bring together multiple sources of patient feedback to create a more detailed and rounded view of patient experience.
  • Use focused listening, including leader rounding, to improve the engagement of your care teams.
  • Involve patient and family advisers early and often as you select and design consumer-facing technology.
  • Special sidebar: Patient and care team experiences in a pandemic.

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