Research Brief

Are Your Nurses Experiencing Moral Injury? What You Can Do to Support Your Team

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Research Brief
Moral Injury & Self-Care
Nurse Moral Injury White Paper

Download this research brief to learn:

  • The difference between moral injury and burnout
  • Ways to address moral injury with your team, such as:
    • How to introduce the concept to your team and start a conversation
    • Why it’s important to make psychological safety a priority and to build relationship-focused leadership skills
    • How to empower nurses to lead change
    • How to promote communication across the hierarchies and silos of your organization
    • The role of meaningful recognition and career development in fostering a nurse’s sense of connection to their calling

About this research brief

Moral injury occurs when a person feels they must take actions, or witness actions, that violate their deeply held moral beliefs. Nurses, who entered the profession with a calling to care for others, may experience moral injury when they are unable to ensure that patients receive the care they need. When nurses find themselves in situations where they feel they cannot live up to their own values, or where their teams are not meeting high standards of care, they may experience negative feelings about themselves, such as guilt or shame, as well as feelings of being devalued and voiceless, which can lead to distrust of colleagues or of the leaders of their organization.

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