Keep Mothers Safe: Addressing Causes of Maternal Mortality

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Maternal Mortality
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Access this toolkit and receive:

  • Materials to share with your team on the leading causes of maternal mortality
  • Best practices to improve maternal safety from leading perinatal safety organizations, including Dignity Health (now part of CommonSpirit Health), Providence St. Joseph Health, St. Luke’s, and BETA Healthcare Group
  • Information on how obstetrical education is evolving to yield clinical improvements
  • 5+ white papers, webinars, infographics, and more

About This Toolkit

Promoting safety and providing quality care in obstetrics remains paramount for healthcare providers and medical professional liability insurers alike. While the U.S. has become somewhat synonymous with advanced medical care, most are unaware that America is the only developed country where the maternal death rate is rising. In fact, a mother giving birth in the U.S. is almost three times as likely to die compared to a mom in Britain and Canada.

To help your organization get a deeper understanding of the national focus surrounding maternal and prenatal safety, Relias has developed this valuable toolkit that will provide you with resources that cover:

  • The national maternal safety focus and how to address it at a local level
  • The major causes affecting maternal death
  • Identifying and understanding variation in maternal care
  • Improving maternal and prenatal safety
  • Mitigating risk

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