Guide Your DSPs to Greatness

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
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About This Webinar

Having a great direct support professional (DSP) can dramatically improve the life of a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). What are the characteristics of a great DSP? How can you develop those characteristics in your good-but-not-great DSPs?

Being a DSP is often a difficult and complex job, and it takes great commitment, enthusiasm, fortitude and self-motivation to be a successful DSP. When properly managed, a DSP can play a critical role in the lives of the individuals they support.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What supervisors and administrators need to understand about the complexities of the DSP position and how to address challenges and seize opportunities
  • How to manage DSPs to promote good judgment and improve service quality
  • Why it is important to help DSPs grow both professionally and personally


Laura Franzen

Human Resources Manager, Training and Professional Development Department, AHRC Nassau

Jason Persan

Assistant Director of Training, Engagement and Professional Development, AHRC Nassau

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