How to Develop a Culturally Competent IDD Organization

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Learning Management and Training
Cultural Competency

About This Webinar

We know intellectual and developmental disabilities exist in all communities, regardless of income or background. But without proactive and targeted efforts, minority families of all kinds are often left out of the IDD community.

This has far-reaching effects – as the people you serve will likely tell you, the social network of the IDD community is an important source of information on resources, recommendations for doctors and treatments, and emotional and social support. By elevating your cultural competency, your organization can become a hub connecting the diverse populations within your community.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Assess your organization’s cultural competency
  • Create a plan for engaging diverse communities
  • Build culture competency into every level of your organization


Dawn Cooper

Director of Diversity, Chapter Leadership & Professional Development, The Arc of the United States

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