How to Go From Good to Great: Cultivate Your Leaders

Post-Acute Care
Supervision/Leadership Development

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Unfortunately, healthcare still has one of the highest turnover rates and lowest engagement levels. Many staff members are placed into managerial positions with great responsibility on their shoulders with little to no preparation, education, or mentoring.

Best in class organizations are leading the industry through talent development and fostering a patient-centered culture. Because your employees’ immediate relationship with their manager is one of the most important drivers of job satisfaction, engagement, and ultimately, retention, it is critical to develop leadership qualities across all levels of the organization. This will not only improve performance and reduce turnover but also cultivate a pool of leaders to serve as your next managers.

This on-demand webinar is presented by our partner, Skillsoft®, the global leader in workforce development and training. We explore how leadership development is key to creating a culture of engaged employees and how that can positively impact turnover and patient outcomes.

During this webinar we discuss:

  • The importance of culture on patient outcomes and employee retention.
  • How leadership development can drive your organization’s culture.
  • How culture can be a strategic advantage.


John McGinn

Healthcare Industry Principal, Skillsoft

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