Relias Patient Safety White Paper
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Five Things You Can Do This Week to Make Your Patients Safer

About This White Paper

It’s been 20 years since the watershed To Err Is Human report was issued by the Institute of Medicine. So how are we doing and what have we learned about how to keep patients safe, 20 years on? Moving the needle on patient safety requires the creation of a strong culture of safety within an organization. There are concrete steps that healthcare leaders can take in the short term, which are grounded in the evidence base of the past two decades, to advance a long-term, sustainable safety culture in their organizations.

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  • Why it matters for a leader to build a reputation as a champion of patient safety
  • How focused listening, to both your team and your patients, improves clinical outcomes
  • How the high-reliability toolbox can help you address gaps in team communication that put patients at risk
  • Why it matters to have a strong strategy for the education and professional development of your staff

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