Creating a Trauma-Informed System of Care: Addressing Individuals, Professionals, and Organizations

Health and Human Services
Trauma-Informed Care

Create Safe Spaces for Clients Served and Staff

Trauma-informed care (TIC) has become a widely recognized paradigm for creating safe spaces for individuals who have experienced trauma and reducing the likelihood that accessing services would cause re-traumatization.

TIC is different from other models of care as it can be used in any type of service setting or organization. By using this approach, you can gain awareness of ways to anticipate and avoid institutional practices that are likely to re-traumatize persons served.

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  • What is trauma and how it affects different populations.
  • Best practices for addressing trauma with the individuals you serve.
  • Best practices for addressing trauma in your staff, clinical and non-clinical
  • How to become a trauma-informed organization, including the key elements of the trauma-informed model of care

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