Competence in Dementia Care: Strengthen Your Team, Enhance Your Outcomes

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Dementia Care
Competence in Dementia Care e-book cover

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  • The current landscape of dementia care and future needs
  • How past treatments have evolved into today’s person-centered care
  • Specialized education that will empower your staff with essential tactics and techniques
  • How your team benefits when you invest in their learning and development

About this e-book

As the population of persons living with dementia grows steadily over the next 30 years, so will the need for people who can care for these individuals. Therefore, identifying and treating patients and residents living with dementia is vital to healthcare professionals in all care settings, including outpatient clinics, hospitals, assisted living and life plan communities, rehabilitation therapy offices, skilled nursing facilities, and in-home care.

Specialized education puts powerful, practical tools in the hands of your care team. Your staff’s knowledge of dementia care strategies can ease the transition from one setting to another and support comfortable, safe daily interactions, leading to a stronger team and enhanced outcomes.

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