Build Your Own Nurse Aide Certification Program

Post-Acute Care
Nurse Retention

About This E-Book

Recruiting and hiring certified nurse aides is an ongoing pain point for you. As you seek a solution, consider taking matters into your own hands. You have the power to recruit, train, and retain your CNAs.

Find out more about how to build your own nurse aide training program so that you control your own pipeline of qualified, certified candidates. When you take a big-picture approach, you can train your own team of nurse aides your way. This approach lets you ensure your new CNAs are prepared to align with your organization’s culture and requirements from the start.

Download this e-book to find out:

  • What to consider about the regulatory approval process
  • How to optimize student recruitment
  • How to map out your training to match your state’s requirements
  • Ways to proactively work to retain your new nurse aides

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