• Don Fowls

    Don Fowls M.D.

    President, Don Fowls & Associates

  • Carol Clayton

    Carol Clayton PhD

    VP of Population Health Management, Relias

  • Tom Friedman

    Tom Friedman MPA

    Senior Product Manager in Payer and Community Health, Relias


Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Presentations in the Emergency Department

How to Get Better at Community-Based Treatments

The mental health and substance use crisis in the United States has had a major impact on emergency departments, which often act as a safety net for people experiencing a mental health or substance use concern.

This webinar focuses on how mental health and substance use professionals can get better at identifying risk for mental health and substance use crises and avoid unnecessary emergency department presentations through best practice community-based care.

The presenters explore the top reasons for emergency room presentation by persons experiencing mental health or substance use concerns, simple tips for detecting and addressing risks to avoid demise, and also outline tips for ED personnel if the crisis is not avoided.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Identify the top risk factors for ED presentations by those with mental health or substance use disorders
  • Provide tips for mitigating these risks
  • Provide a simple guide for First Episode Psychosis
  • Offer simple techniques for rapid differential diagnosis and triage for ED personnel once the presentation occurs
  • Identify the key learning lessons for preventing ED presentations for MH/SUD persons

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