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A Day in the Life: An ASD Perspective

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
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About this sample course

People with autism sometimes face many difficulties getting through the day. The way they see the world is very different than the way others do. If you understand some of the needs of people with autism, you can interact with them more effectively. The best way to understand people with autism better is to experience a little of what they experience daily. In this course, you will see through the eyes of Phillip, a fictional person with autism, as he navigates a typical day. The experiences you will see are common for people with autism. You may feel uncomfortable watching the interactions Phillip has with staff. This is intentional. Remember, the course is not about learning how to do the job but about learning the importance of how you treat the people you support.

This course aims to help DSPs in IDD settings take the perspective of someone living with autism.

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