5 Key Elements to Trauma-Informed Care for IDD Organizations White Paper
White Paper

5 Key Elements to Trauma-Informed Care for IDD Organizations

The experience of traumatic stress is incredibly prevalent, having a widespread impact on persons served and leading to or exacerbating mental illness, physical health conditions, and substance use. It is also very common for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to experience traumatic events. In order for IDD providers to give well-rounded and person-centered care, they must effectively address the impact of trauma for persons served.

The trauma-informed care (TIC) framework can help any organization — including IDD organizations — implement strategies and practices that reduce the risk of traumatizing or re-traumatizing persons served. This framework also generates positive outcomes for employees and the organization itself.

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  • How trauma-informed care can positively impact persons served and staff at IDD organizations
  • The 5 key elements of creating a trauma-informed organization
  • Resources to help your organization implement the TIC framework

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