• Jack M. Gorman

    Jack M. Gorman MD

    CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, Franklin Behavioral Healthcare

  • Sara Gorman

    Sara Gorman PhD, MPH

    Public Health Specialist, Director of High School Programming, The JED Foundation


Implementing Science-Based Research to Better Care Value

About This Webinar

Why is change so hard? How do we help people incorporate new knowledge into their lifestyle habits and work practices? Psychological barriers get in the way when faced with new information, especially information that counters previously held beliefs or practices.

This phenomenon is especially true in healthcare—both for consumer and healthcare providers. Scientists continue to identify responses to new information that reveal innate discomfort with changing our minds or practices in the face of strong evidence. In order to provide better care value, it is important to educate ourselves on why change is difficult to accept and how to best incorporate new knowledge into our practice and care we provide.

  • 6 key principles that lead people to reject “accepted” health-related wisdom
  • How to help patients engage in lifestyle behaviors drive by science-based research
  • How to use data analytics to identify and apply science-based research into everyday practice

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