2017 MDS Updates

Skilled Nursing

About This Webinar

Like clockwork, October 1 brings fresh new MDS changes and coding revisions and clarifications. Join us in this 1-hour webinar as we detail the new items related to Medications and antipsychotic gradual dose reductions (Section N) new items related to Alarms (Section P). In addition to these new items, we identify some revisions to the coding of UTIs, Wheelchairs and also changes related to coding of Physician Examinations and Physician Orders in Section 0.

With so much emphasis put on accurate MDS coding and the impact, the MDS has on multiple nursing facility/SNF± programs (PPS, QMs, Survey, SNF QRP etc) you cannot afford to pass on this webinar and not be aware of the October 1, 2017 MDS changes!

  • Identify and accurately code new MDS items in Section P related to alarms
  • Identify and accurately code new MDS items in Section N related to antipsychotics
  • Identify changes related to the coding of UTIs in Section I
  • Identify other 2017 MDS clarification and revisions effective 10/1/2017


Ron Orth RN, CHC, CMAC

Senior Analyst: SNF Regulations and Clinical Reimbursement, Relias

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