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Watch this webinar to hear real-life examples about how organizations have successfully and not-so-successfully prepared to become nationally accredited. You will also hear accreditation surveyors and consultants depicting what they have seen in the field, experiences they have had, and horror stories they have seen.

All of this will help you avoid potential pitfalls when heading down the road to accreditation and preparing for an accreditation survey. Examples are shared from both the behavioral healthcare and child welfare fields.

A brief Q&A occurs after the webinar and participants were able to ask their own questions of surveyors and consultants.

Date: On-Demand
Duration: 1 hour


Jennifer Flowers

Jennifer Flowers


Founder / CEO, Accreditation Guru, Inc.

Jennifer Flowers, MBA is an accreditation and nonprofit governance expert and founder/CEO of Accreditation Guru, Inc. With 20+ years of experience in the field, Jennifer is exceptionally qualified to assist organizations to become nationally accredited. Jennifer’s expertise also includes strategic planning, board of directors’ education/development, quality improvement program design and risk management strategies. Prior to founding Accreditation Guru in 2009, she served as the Director of Accreditation Commission at the Council on Accreditation (COA).


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