Relias Obstetrics (OB)

Advanced, Personalized Learning for Obstetrics Departments

Reducing variation in care among nurses and doctors to save more mothers’ and babies’ lives.


According to ACOG, 42 percent of obstetricians have experienced a liability claim, many of which can be attributed to issues in proficiency and team communication and could be avoided with targeted and timely training, education and analytics. Relias OB, formerly GNOSISTM, is a comprehensive program designed to improve quality and patient safety in five high-acuity obstetrical areas.

Fetal Heart Rate and Uterine Contraction Monitoring

Teaches obstetrical teams how to maximize the effectiveness of intrapartum tools through improved communication using NICHD language and more standardized FHR pattern recognition and management. 

Hypertension in Pregnancy

Provides clinical knowledge and care standards required when managing hypertensive diseases to minimize complications, including early disease recognition and appropriate clinical management.

Managing Shoulder Dystocia (SD)

Provides the necessary clinical knowledge, procedures, and protocols for the entire obstetrical team to effectively resolve shoulder dystocia, while minimizing risks to the mother and infant.

Promoting Vaginal Birth

Clinical strategies to promote safe vaginal birth, including selective labor induction, use of vaginal birth after cesarean, and fetal malpresentation management.

Obstetrical and Postpartum Hemorrhage

Presents the necessary knowledge and framework for effective clinical management of maternal hemorrhage, including implementing processes that allow for potentially life-saving clinical interventions.

ANCC & ACCME Accredited

All courses are ANCC & ACCME accredited, so nurses and providers can earn continuing education credit as they learn.

“We’re proud to work with Relias to help our OB & ED physicians and nurses perform to the best of their abilities and to help us gain valuable insight into opportunities for improving patient outcomes.”

GNOSIS screens


Relias OB is a patented assessment-driven education and analytics solution that uses data to transform how doctors and nurses learn. So how does it exactly work?

Comprehensive Assessment

A comprehensive assessment provides insight into clinicians’ mastery of knowledge and judgment, benchmarking individual scores and quantifying team variation.

Clinical Pearls

Clinical Pearls expand on a “pearl of wisdom” to strengthen fundamental clinical knowledge, presented in real-life case scenarios.

Tailored Learning Plans

Relias OB delivers a personalized learning plan, excluding content clinicians have mastered, marked by red – required, yellow – recommended, and green – optional.

Real-Time Analytics

Relias OB provides data to identify and invest in areas of training that improve quality of care, increase patient safety, and reduce the risks of adverse events.

Engaging Advanced Content

Developed by medical experts, modules are delivered in easy-to-absorb, 2-8 minute segments, including videos, case studies, and interactive 3D animations with text.

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“The assessment drastically sharpens the learning experience. It helps identify the core issues first, and supports clinicians with information specifically targeted to those high-risk areas.”


Our innovative platform delivers individualized and prioritized content to clinicians to learn when they want, where they want, and only what they need. As a result, Relias OB enables hospital leaders to focus limited resources on high-impact education for improving quality and patient safety.

Reduce Variation in Care

Gain insight into competency levels for individuals and teams to identify areas that need improvement and deliver targeted education.

Increase Engagement

Respect established proficiency and educate only on what the clinician needs to know to increase engagement.

Mitigate Risk

Close competency gaps by identifying and addressing areas of variation, resulting in increased patient safety and reduced risk of OB claims.

Improve Communication

Minimize misunderstandings and errors by ensuring that OB teams are using commonly-understood protocols and language.


Hear our partner, St. Lukes’s in Boise, ID, tell the impactful story that ignited a sense of urgency across the healthcare system to be able to identify and respond to OB Hemorrhage.


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