Assessments for IDD Service Providers

Improve Hiring, Retention and Training

Personnel assessments help you make better hires, customize onboarding and training, and develop your current employees.

Use Data to Improve Hiring and Training

Finding the right employees to support the people you serve takes more than interviews and intuition. Relias Assessments deploy the power of data to help you improve hiring, reduce turnover, and gauge competency.

Specific to IDD Services

Providing IDD support services requires unique skills and traits. Relias Assessments measure the factors most likely to lead to quality, empowering care.

Gauge Success Factor

Compassion, reliability, empathy and judgment — these are the traits you look for in your direct care staff. We help you zero in on the most promising candidates.

Reduce Risk

Catch knowledge gaps before they become costly mistakes. Have confidence that your staff has the skills necessary to provide quality support and care.

Individualize Training

Get insight into the abilities and knowledge of new hires and existing employees. Develop individualized training plans for DSPs, QPs, nurses and managers.

How Assessments Improve Services

Quality of care is dictated by the people who you hire and how you train them. Relias Assessments and Relias Learning provide powerful tools for strengthening hiring and training. In addition, we help you engage your employees to reduce turnover and prevent the loss of knowledge and personal connections that occurs when an employee leaves.

Prevent Bad Hires

Making better hires is the first step to providing great services. Our validated, pre-hire assessment gives you insight into candidates’ characteristics.

Improve Onboarding

Measure each new hire’s knowledge, and then craft an onboarding process that better fits their individual areas of need. Reduce the time and cost of onboarding.

Gauge Competency

Assess the current level of competency of your DSPs, QPs, managers, and nurses. Identify learning gaps and provide targeted training to improve service quality.

Reduce Turnover

Individualized training empowers staff to be better at their jobs, improves employee engagement, creates a supportive company culture, and encourages retention.

Engage and develop your employees. Improve hiring and training. Provide great services.

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