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Restore Hyper Wellness and Nurse.com Partner to Provide New Opportunities for Franchises and Nurses In the U.S 

The new alliance promotes career opportunities focused on a proactive health approach and offers new avenues for continued education, as well as perks for Nurse.com’s community

Today, Restore Hyper Wellness (Restore) and Nurse.com announce a first-of-its-kind partnership to help support new recruitment opportunities for nurses across the nation. The strategic partnership is the first collaboration between the health and wellness brand and the trusted, go-to resource for nurses. Restore is in the midst of exponential growth, opening new locations across the country monthly, and investing in proactive solutions to help franchise owners bring in new talent. The Nurse.com community will now have access to unique career opportunities and perks from Restore Hyper Wellness, such as exclusive deals on services.

With its innovative experience and direct-to-consumer membership model, Restore is creating a new category of care—Hyper Wellness®—the company’s framework for living a proactive, healthy lifestyle that helps people feel their best, so they can do more of what they love. A recent study by Restore and Wakefield Research found that more consumers are going beyond the doctor’s office to optimize their health and are more open to tapping into Hyper Wellness as a means to do so. Seven medical directors and over 800 nurse practitioners and registered nurses provide medical services such as IV drip therapy, intramuscular shots and mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Restore’s wellness studios. These services can be paired with other services offered by Restore such as cryotherapy, red light therapy, infrared sauna and compression to help their members feel their best.

With the largest online nurse community built by and for nurses, Nurse.com recently expanded their support for nurses with the launch of their new mobile app, which provides peer support and networking opportunities. As the leading provider of continuing education for nurses, Nurse.com users have completed over 18 million courses since 1992. Nurse.com’s content is inventive, engaging and driven to help improve patient care by supporting nurses throughout their careers. The company will also be working with Restore to promote job listings, cross promote content, news, and resources, as well as co-developing content for social media.

With oversight from medical directors and a Medical Advisory Board, each nurse at Restore actively takes on the role of assisting members with their health and wellness journey. Nurses are essential to providing a high-quality care experience that has yielded Restore an 85 net promoter score—unrivaled in the healthcare industry. Since being founded in 2015, Restore has grown its team of nurse practitioners and registered nurses at its over 160+ locations across the U.S. The partnership with Nurse.com will allow Restore to reach an audience of more than three million nurses to aid its recruiting strategy as the company rapidly expands locations, while providing these nurses with a proactive approach to health education and advancement opportunities.

“Restore’s experience is the antithesis of a traditional medical office or clinic. Our approach is about proactive wellness, and the experience is fun, social, and transparent. Given this, we have the opportunity to provide a transformative recruitment opportunity for nurses looking to expand into wellness,” said Jim Donnelly, Restore’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Beyond promoting our career opportunities, this partnership will allow Restore to offer Nurse.com’s network of nurses perks and opportunities to engage with Restore as a brand that also cares about helping nurses better manage their own health and wellness.”

“Nurse.com and Restore Hyper Wellness share a common goal of improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them. Thanks to this combined effort, our entire community will be able to benefit from the resources Restore Hyper Wellness is generously offering,” said Cara Lunsford, RN, Vice President, Community at Nurse.com. “We’re incredibly proud to join forces and demonstrate that nurses’ wellness is as much a priority as that of their patients.”

For more information on Restore Hyper Wellness, visit Restore.com and for more information on Nurse.com, visit Nurse.com.

About Nurse.com

As the trusted career resource built by and for nurses, Nurse.com fosters the largest online community of nurses, connecting with nearly 3 million nurses per month. Nurse.com serves nurses with lifelong career support through accredited continuing education, job opportunities, and a thriving community that supports their passion for the profession and empowers them to flourish. Nurse.com is part of parent company Relias’ family of brands, which includes the Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, freeCME, and Relias Media that share a common goal to improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them.

About Restore Hyper Wellness

Launched in Austin, Texas in 2015, Restore Hyper Wellness (Restore) is the award-winning creator of an innovative new category of care—Hyper Wellness®. Restore delivers expert guidance and an extensive array of cutting-edge wellness modalities integrated under one roof. These modalities include biomarker assessments, IV drip therapy, intramuscular (IM) shots, NAD+, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, whole body and localized cryotherapy, infrared sauna, red light therapy, compression, HydraFacial, Circadia and Cryoskin. Restore’s mission is to make Hyper Wellness accessible and affordable so people can feel their best and do more of what they love.

*Medical services available to clients of Restore are provided by an independently owned physician practice.

About Relias

Relias provides lifelong workforce enablement solutions for 12,000 healthcare and human services organizations and 4.5 million caregivers to drive measurable outcomes. Customers use Relias solutions to attract and retain talent, elevate care quality and reduce risk with our technology, services, community, and expertise. The Relias family of brands — Nurse.com, Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, FreeCME, and Relias Media — serves the entire healthcare community and shares a common goal of improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them. 

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