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Host Cara Lunsford, RN leads conversations highlighting nurse stories, empowering nursing professionals, and supporting career development, an industry-leading online education company providing lifelong career support to nurses, today launched the NurseDot Podcast. The new weekly series is designed to further’s mission of helping nurses thrive through the exploration of their peers’ personal stories, industry trends, and professional advice designed to serve as support and validation that will help them take control of their careers.

With a new theme and guest from the nursing community in each episode, Cara Lunsford, RN, Vice President of Community at, will host a discussion that will leave nurses feeling empowered and equipped with new knowledge and resources for their own professional advancement. With over 16 years of experience in the medical field, Cara founded the first social media network for nurses, HOLLIBLU. Now, as the host of this new podcast, she dives deep into the world of nursing, providing a space where nurses can speak candidly, share stories, feel empowered, and find the tools and resources that they need to make a change in their profession. Upcoming episodes and guests include “Professional Boundaries (It’s okay to say NO!) with nurse influencer Katie Duke; “Managing Mental Health & Self Care” with Dr. Chris Recinos, founder of Hello Harmony; and more., which fosters the largest online community of nurses, is dedicated to supporting nurses’ passion for the profession and empowering them to flourish. This year, they launched the app, which delivers the community and career resources nurses need to organize their professional lives, elevate their level of care, and provides a platform to advocate for change within the industry they serve. The NurseDot Podcast serves as an extension of this effort, providing additional support to the nursing community as they continue to face challenges in their profession, such as burnout and understaffing.

“The NurseDot Podcast is curated by nurses, for nurses, in hopes that they feel thoroughly valued, and that they connect to the stories shared and the topics discussed,” said Lunsford. “These conversations will empower and inspire nurses, deepening their passion for their profession, which will not only help them improve their career development, but their day-to-day experiences.”

The NurseDot Podcast is now available wherever podcasts are heard. Nurses are encouraged to submit suggested topics of discussion through the app, which is available in the Apple and Android app stores. The podcast is commissioned and produced by with production expertise and services provided by podcast specialist Storyglass. For more information, please visit:


As the trusted career resource built by and for nurses, fosters one of the largest online communities of nurses, connecting with nearly 3 million nurses per month. serves nurses with lifelong career support through accredited continuing education, job opportunities, and a thriving community that supports their passion for the profession and empowers them to flourish. is part of parent company Relias’ family of brands, which includes the Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, freeCME, and Relias Media that share a common goal to improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them.

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