Relias Learning Develops Targeted Education to Help Payers and Provider Networks Perform in the Value-Based Environment

New performance-based courses added to Payer & Insurer libraries.

CARY, NC, July 10, 2017 – Relias Learning, a trusted partner in online analytics, assessments, and learning in the healthcare industry, has released a series of new, targeted training packages. Each of the packages were developed to educate providers with critical knowledge to better align payers’ expectations with providers’ performances. Areas include Integrated and Coordinated Care; Population Health Strategies; and Regulatory & Compliance. These courses are now available to Relias clients via the Relias Learning Management System.

“As payment models change and healthcare costs continue to rise, both payers and providers are being challenged to meet goals with new measures, often without being properly educated or supported,” explained Ben Johnson, Chief Product Officer at Relias Learning. “We designed these packages to help the entire system understand the top cost drivers and offer applicable strategies to improve outcomes. Providers and payers need to work together to understand the ever-changing environment to ensure success in the value-based space.”

As noted in the recent Journey to Value report produced by McKesson, the fast pace of change in healthcare payment has continued unabated since 2014. Payers report they are now 58% along the continuum toward full value-based reimbursement, a 10% increase since 2014. Hospitals aren’t far behind at 50% along the value continuum, up 4% in the past two years.

In response to this trend, Relias Learning entered the payer and insurer market in 2016, recognizing the need for education in such a rapidly changing industry. This year, Relias has continued to significantly invest in payer-specific content areas that contribute to improving care delivery and patient satisfaction, with a focus on value-based reimbursements. With input from physicians, behavioral health providers, policy experts, nurses and former payer executives, the new featured series include:

Integrated and Coordinated Care

  • Chronic Disease Management Series (13 Courses)
  • Opioid Series (6 Courses)
  • Mental Health for Emergency Departments (15 Courses)

Population Health Strategies

  • Social Determinants of Health (13 Courses)
  • Patient Education Series (10 Courses)

Regulatory & Compliance

  • CMS and Regulatory Series (17 Courses)

Organizations interested in more information can visit or view a factsheet on one of our new series: Social Determinants Course Package: The Building Blocks

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