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Living Well Launches Five Star Living Well University Supported by Relias Learning

Comprehensive program promotes onboarding, staff development and quality of care.

CARY, NC, January 13, 2015 – Living Well Assisted Living at Home recently adopted the Relias Learning Management System to implement their Living Well Five Star University. Adopting the RLMS allows them to train new employees more effectively, ensure the quality of care, and solidify the organizational standard of training.

Since the creation of Living Well in 2010, they have set high standards for selection, hiring, and training. The training process was conceived as a comprehensive series of sessions covering basic and specialized aspects of five-star home care; they envisioned it the “Living Well Five Star University.” However, the team was challenged to get everybody in the same place at the same time for training. The excessive cost of repeating the same training to different groups proved too difficult to conquer. That, along with the time requirements in developing and revising the competency-based curricula and standardizing/revising curricula within different positions, led Living Well to begin searching for a more cost-efficient solution.

“To be able to capture everybody, training needed to be repeated every day of the week at different times of the day every quarter, creating a nightmare for compliance and logistics,” said Dr. Doris Bersing, Living Well founder and CEO.

There was also a need to harmonize a clear distinction between the responsibilities and required knowledge for personal care aides, home health aides and dementia companions. Living Well needed to develop a final curriculum that was stronger, more impactful and covered wider ground. This task was difficult to deliver with consistency to all employees in different locations with very different schedules.

Living Well found a solution offered by Relias Learning and adopted its Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS is a solution that helps automate, manage and track all of the organization’s training needs by assigning curriculum, completing regulatory training, providing continued education for certified and licensed professionals, helping staff stay compliant and producing reports for auditors.

Relias Learning provides:

  •     Pre-developed, quick-start curricula for immediate enrollment
  •     Plans to meet specific learning needs
  •     Auto-enrollment to ensure new employees are assigned courses immediately
  •     Crosswalks by state to match regulatory requirements
  •     Interactive, self-paced courses
  •     Reduce overtime costs related to training by 50 percent
  •     Customized training
  •     Online access
  •     Live training management
  •     Progress report and tracking

“RLMS is the solution we needed to continue having five-star caregivers with less hassle and at a cost-efficient modality for all,” said Dr. Bersing.

“We strive to meet the needs of all our clients by offering the highest-quality training content and learning management platform,” says Jim Triandiflou, CEO of Relias Learning. “With our comprehensive course libraries and RLMS that allows for custom content to be developed by our clients, we offer a unique solution to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.”

About Living Well

Living Well offers specialized care for adults with chronic and debilitating conditions — like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and mental illness — that compromise their ability to live safely in their homes. Living Well Assisted Living at Home combines a team of experts and the use of smart technology with exceptional customer service to deliver personalized, comprehensive care to seniors and adults with cognitive, behavioral and movement disorders. Their approach to care at home enables those seniors and adults affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, other neurological disorders and mental illnesses to live independent and meaningful lives. Living Well aspires to create a safe and nurturing environment while allowing for independence and dignity for seniors and adults and offering peace of mind to the children and family members. Visit their website for more information, http://www.livingwellah-sf.com.

About Relias

Relias provides lifelong workforce enablement solutions for 12,000 healthcare and human services organizations and 4.5 million caregivers to drive measurable outcomes. Customers use Relias solutions to attract and retain talent, elevate care quality and reduce risk with our technology, services, community, and expertise. The Relias family of brands — Nurse.com, Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, FreeCME, and Relias Media — serves the entire healthcare community and shares a common goal of improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them. 

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