Empowering Nurses and Elevating Care

A Story of Nursing: Motherhood and Mental Health

This episode, produced for Relias by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, is featured in a series presented by the International Council of Nurses: Caring With Courage. It shares the story of a nurse whose journey goes beyond the clinical walls to improve health and safety for mothers and babies.


Nursing Beyond the Bedside

Learn more about Lora Sparkman and how she is helping pave the way toward advancing the healthcare workforce.

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Nurse Empowerment: Ongoing Support & Development

As seen in Motherhood and Mental Health, vulnerable populations benefit when nurses’ insights and experience are placed in the forefront. Supporting nurses throughout hiring, onboarding, and ongoing development equips them with the tools and knowledge they need to advance their careers, patient care, and their own contributions toward improving healthcare as a whole.

Below are resources that dive deeper into areas that empower nurses and elevate care:

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Maternal Mortality

Relias has developed a Maternal Mortality resource kit to help your organization identify, understand, and reduce variation in care.

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Nurse Stories on Nurse.com

Nurses share their own nurse stories in which they talk about their nursing school journey, special moments with patients, and mentors who guided them.

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Nursing Leadership

Explore what nursing leadership styles, behaviors and qualities lead to high functioning teams and better patient care.

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Nurse Mental Health

The emotional well-being and mental health of care teams can no longer take a backseat. It’s time to prioritize mental health for Nurses.

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Patient Safety

How’s your organization doing in keeping your patients safe? These patient safety resources will help you understand where you stand.

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Engaging Your Nurse Workforce

With continuous nurse turnover, healthcare workers and patients alike suffer from the loss of teamwork, trust, and effective communication.