Reducing Preventable Readmissions

Data insights and targeted education help you reduce readmissions to improve outcomes and avoid penalties.

Solutions To Address Increasing Readmissions

Reducing preventable hospital readmissions requires providers across the continuum of care to work together. We provide targeted learning to ensure your staff has the right knowledge and skills for proper preventative interventions, timely assessment and treatment, as well as smooth care coordination and transitions.

Our Readmissions Solutions Can Help You:

Build Clinical Expertise

Increase clinical knowledge of common conditions related to readmissions, including recognition of symptoms and treatment when appropriate.

Strengthen Care Bridges

Educate care providers across the continuum on a team-based approach, including setting checkpoints and effective communication skills.

Empower Patients

Empower patients and residents to take an active role in their care plan after discharge, including medication management and follow-up appointments.

Here’s How We Help.

Increase Clinical Knowledge

We provide advanced clinical content on preventing, monitoring, and managing the top conditions associated with readmissions, including heart failure, pneumonia, myocardial infarctions, COPD, and elective THA/THK.

Strengthen Care Transitions

We help organizations across the care continuum ensure smooth, supportive transitions from the hospital to skilled nursing facilities or other outpatient facilities with better communication, safe medication practices, and care coordination.

Empower Patients & Residents

We provide targeted learning for staff to practice improved patient education and empowerment as a part of discharge planning to ensure better medication management and follow-up appointment attendance.

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“Using Relias modules for episodic education, we were able to bring our return to hospital rate down from 21% to 11% in four months.” — Cristina Papillo, National Director of Clinical Development, Villa Healthcare

Rehospitalization Simulation

Scenario-based learning allows a safe environment to practice learned information.

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