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Learning Management

Intuitive learning management, expert course content, and engaging delivery to stay compliant and boost performance.

Meeting the Demands of Change

Training that impacts the most important challenges in your organization.



One-click reporting and real-time tracking enable you to stay on top of compliance and see significant increases in compliance rates.



Incorporating gaming elements, an innovative user interface and highly interactive courses keep staff engaged and motivated to learn.



Course assessments, skills checklists and employee evaluations can all be managed in the LMS and help to boost staff performance.

Courses and Training

Consistent, high-quality training at a fraction of the cost of live training.

Extensive selection

Relias has more than 2,800 unique courses and more than 35 distinct libraries to suit your industry's unique needs. We also have more than 115 accreditations, ensuring superior quality.

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Assigning and Enrolling

Ensure every member of your organization gets exactly the training they need


Automate your training

We help you create training plans quickly and offer several options to search for the courses you need. Even if you've never created a curriculum before, we make the process easy with pre-built, customizable templates to suit your unique needs.The auto enrollment option greatly reduces your onboarding time and lets you onboard new hires from day one.

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Tracking and Reporting

Quickly access the information you need during a survey or audit

Fast, and accurate

Relias makes accessing the information you need for a survey or audit easy: simply run a report, print it out ... and that's it.

Finding everything in once place is critical. Avoid the hassle of sifting through overstuffed employee files and antiquated spreadsheets. We help you keep all of your training records in one place for peace of mind.

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Performance Improvement

Keep track of your staff's retention, skill level and progress all in one place.


Boost retention

Post-course assessments enable you to learn how well your staff retain what they learn in order to effectively determine their strengths and opportunities for development.

You can also create and include your own questions and add commonly used questions to the exam question pool to reuse for another assessment.

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Organizational Impact

Lead your organization through changes in healthcare with quality training

Drive meaningful results

With a powerful Learning Management System and the right content, you’re empowered to position your organization to focus on its most essential objectives.

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Getting Started

In three easy steps, you can get started


Speak to an Expert

Getting started with the Relias Learning Management System couldn't be easier. Simply speak with an expert to discuss your unique needs and get a comprehensive overview of our product to see how we can meet those needs.

Implementing our system can be done in as little as 30 days, with zero hassle on your end.

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