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Compliance Training

Current, interactive courses consistently updated to meet your specific needs.

Leave the Regulatory Maintenance to Us

We have an entire department dedicated to monitoring your state and federal mandate changes, and tools to easily find, assign and track the courses you need.

Screenshot of Compliance Courses by Certifying Body
Screenshot of Compliance Courses by State
Screenshot of Crosswalks for BH
Screenshot Crosswalks for PAC

Providing mandatory training for your staff is an investment that ensures the delivery of quality care, drives patient and client satisfaction and protects your reputation. Relias tracks and maintains regulatory changes so that your compliance needs are always met.


  • Relias is an approved provider of CE and CME for many national accrediting organizations and state regulatory boards
  • Search by specific certificates or accreditations to quickly locate the courses you need


  • Federal and state crosswalks matched to your field of work
  • Includes sample curricula for your state accrediting board to help guide your training plans

Requirements Tracker

  • Easily track non-training mandatory items (driver’s license renewals, professional license renewals)
  • Staff can attach documents for ease of tracking and reporting
  • Add Requirements Trackers to a search filter to quickly locate records you need to track or mark complete

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Fix Problems Early to Avoid Penalties Later

Ensure appropriate reimbursement and prevent violations
with federal and state laws and regulations.

Screenshot of Compliance Tracking
Screenshot of Compliance Dashboard

The regulations and standards that apply to healthcare organizations and providers is complex. Processes and performance must be constantly reviewed to ensure requirements are being met. In addition to maintaining regulations, Relias helps you to track skills and competencies, and manage policies and procedures directly within the system to ensure standards are met.

Policies & Procedures Management

  • Update and approve existing policies while keeping track of each version
  • Auto-assign to staff upon hire and on a recurring basis to ensure compliance
  • Save time with built-in reminders and automated reporting

Skills Checklists

  • Determine if learning is being applied by observing an employee’s ability to demonstrate specific job-related tasks
  • Record and attest to observed tasks
  • Tablet compatible – easily manage observations while in the field

Competency Tracker

  • Measure staff competencies based on a defined standard and scale
  • Gauge proficiency of desired behaviors and achievement over time
  • Use built-in reminders and auto-reports for scores and completions


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