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Compliance Training

Manage and track regulatory compliance to defend against risks from survey citations to lawsuits.

Spend More Time on Quality

With Relias, you’ll have a platform that efficiently and effectively delivers, manages, and tracks regulatory compliance requirements to free up time for your leaders to focus on driving performance and clinical outcomes.


Mandatory Training

No need to source or create training on regulatory topics, we’ve got everything you need.


Policies and Procedures

Upload, assign, review, and report on P&Ps and keep current with version control.


Tracking and Reporting

Stay on top of staff compliance and generate the reports you need during a survey or audit with three simple steps.

Compliance Tools and Resources

Download these helpful resources and start driving performance and clinical outcomes.

Learn How Gaming Elements Improve Compliance…and more

Employees often view compliance training as a chore that has to get done, like doing the dishes, not fun or interesting. We've all seen colleagues sit in a training, barely paying attention, playing on their cell phones just to “check the box” and complete what’s required. Managers often feel like nagging parents in order to get employees to complete regulatory, mandatory trainings on time.

See how rewards and friendly competition amongst departments and staff can help engage learners, boost compliance and aid retention.

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Compliance Made Easy: 7 Smart Tips

Maintaining compliance is an ongoing challenge. This eBook shares best practices from more than 4,000 healthcare organizations on how to increase compliance while reducing headaches.

It includes examples of smart features to use, strategies to engage employees, and how to automate tracking and reporting so that you can put your training on autopilot and make compliance easy.

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Engaging Content That Enhances Learning

Training on mandatory, regulatory topics shouldn’t be boring or easily forgotten. Employees who are engaged, excited and actually want to learn are more likely to use the information in their day to day work. Compliance is more than just marking it “done” but more about the topics that are essential for your organization to stay in business.

See how Relias designs content to be engaging, immediately applicable and effective, even with standard, annual training topics.

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Client Success Story: Almost Perfect Compliance

Relias Learning interviewed a director of training and staff development at a large, multi-service organization about how they better managed compliance for more than 2,000 employees.

Hear how they were able to raise compliance by 23% and more efficiently and effectively manage their mandatory requirements. They also found their staff were inspired to learn more about topics of interest that improve service delivery, positively impacting how they perform day to day.

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