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Relias Assessments, formerly Prophecy®

A holistic, healthcare assessment solution to hire and retain a high-performing workforce.

Improve Satisfaction, Increase Retention and Maximize Quality of Care

Whether used pre-hire or post-hire, Relias Assessments allows you to holistically evaluate a candidate and position them - and your organization - for success.

“A formally validated, legally approved assessment process evaluating the ‘whole’ candidate – clinical skills, personality/attitude and interpersonal skills – has demonstrated impressive results in improving retention rates of both graduate and experienced nurses and has been expanded to include Allied health and non-clinicians.”

- Lori Halula, Director of People Operations, Mission Health

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Make Smarter, Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Candidates are the sum of multiple parts. Determine job and organizational fit through clinical, situational, and behavioral assessments.

Using Assessments as a Screening Tool

Pre-hire assessments can screen for applicants with the necessary job knowledge and skills and/or desired organizational values. Using validated assessments helps focus limited time and resources, shapes interviews, and ensures EEOC compliance.

Using Assessments to Place Candidates

Assessments identify and match candidates in a specific role, by evaluating personalities and skill sets. Placed in best-fitting roles, new hires are more likely to find long-term satisfaction and success.

Hire Smarter


“Relias Assessments is an evidence-based tool that allows nurse managers, educators, HR to make smart hiring decisions. Nurses are able to enjoy their job and the literature is very clear that all great patient outcomes are associated with that.”

- Theresa McGuire, Magnet Program Director, Professional Development Specialist and RN Residency Program Coordinator, Mercy Health Saint Mary's

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Gain Insight to Address Knowledge Gaps

More and more, organizations are hiring from a limited applicant pool. Customize onboarding and ongoing education with data generated from assessments.

Identify knowledge gaps

Using Assessments as a Developmental Guide

Assessments give insights into a new hire’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and characteristics. This information can be used to customize onboarding and given to managers for future developmental aid.

Using Assessments to Evaluate Incumbent Staff

Evaluate annual competencies through post-hire assessments for existing staff and lateral transfers. Assessments help identify individual and group educational needs to focus educational resources.

Address Gaps

Identify and Support Emerging Leaders

Strong leadership is important to long-term success in healthcare. Identify those with personality traits to lead and develop their competencies.

Using Assessments for Leadership Positions

Assessments measure competencies and behavioral attributes unique to leadership positions. Using this data, organizations can proactively identify future leaders and create succession plans to prepare them for the next steps within the organization.

Develop Leaders


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Trusted by National Leaders

Mission Health

Case Study

Standardized pre-hire screening process with Relias Assessments, lowering the overall 90-day attrition rate by 4% and reducing turnover by 81% over 2 years.

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Mercy Health Saint Mary's

Case Study

Utilized Relias Assessments to increase nurse satisfaction and reduce turnover to 8%, far below the national average.

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Mission Health

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