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Build the Best Care Delivery Teams

Online assessment solutions to hire, onboard, and retain a high-performing nursing staff.

Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes

Designed by clinicians and validated by research, Prophecy enables healthcare organizations to reduce turnover and improve patient care.

predict success

Predict Success

Identify and hire the best candidate for the role and for your organization.

personalize onboarding

Personalize Onboarding

Onboard faster and more effectively with data-driven, personalized training.

promote development

Promote Development

Identify future leaders and drive continuing education

Improve Hiring Practices

Predict Hiring Success

Prophecy generates a predictive score for each nurse candidate and provides human resource managers and nurse managers with real-time assessment data to drive informed hiring and placement decisions.

  • Select top candidates from applicant pool
  • Place hires/transfers in best-fitting positions

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Hiring Assessments

Onboard Faster and More Effectively


Personalize Onboarding

Prophecy identifies knowledge gaps allowing nurse educators and preceptors to create individual learning paths for nurses during their orientation and onboarding.

  • Customize education plans for new nurses
  • Decrease time to productivity

Build Teams for Success

Promote Development

Prophecy recognizes personal strengths and weaknesses to help clinical managers target professional development opportunites and competency maintenance as well as identify emerging leaders.

  • Distinguish top performers for advancement
  • Build education and training plans to improve care

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