Research Brief

Deploying VR and Digital Learning Modalities for Greater Effectiveness and Better Outcomes

Research Brief

Scientific advances, medical breakthroughs, new technology, and evidence-based practices require healthcare professionals to stay in a continuous state of learning. This research brief discusses the range of learning modalities available in healthcare education to ensure staff is current.

About this Research Brief

Education must always continue in the healthcare industry to maintain licensure and regulatory compliance. With a range of new learning modalities available, healthcare organizations can maximize the capabilities of their staff and resources by deploying the best tool available for their learners. Pairing individual learning needs with virtual reality (VR) and digital learning modalities may increase the speed to independent practice and provide better outcomes for patients nationwide.
Inside the Research Brief:

  • How to provide for individual learning needs
  • An overview of digital learning modalities
  • Benefits and limitations of digital learning modalities

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