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Specialty Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Outbreak


About This Webinar

To isolate and prevent the spread of COVID-19, public health experts, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, and public policy leaders have quarantined city inhabitants, closed local shops, and instituted both travel and social interaction regulations. Telemedicine can be an additional option for prevention because of its remote functionality for patient and medical staff safety. Using this form of treatment saves time, involves no travel or doctor’s waiting rooms, and proves a convenient alternative to meet with your physician from any location.

Watch Dr. Jonathan Wiesen, a pulmonologist with Southwest General Health Center, Mercy Medical Center-Canton, as he highlights various ways that the medical community can implement telemedicine, providing an overview of telemedicine for patient and medical staff safety, a review of COVID-19 pandemic on a global scale, and an identification of regulations, public policy, and strategies for the future around these topics amid the current pandemic.


Jonathan Wiesen MD

Chief Medical Officer, MediOrbis