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About This Toolkit

Now that the Patient-Driven Groupings Model has taken effect, home health agencies across the country are trying to keep up and maintain compliance. The largest change facing home health agencies in over two decades has many organizations evaluating and updating internal processes. Others are expanding their service lines to serve more clinically complex patients.

PDGM is leading to shifts in the way many agencies operate so they can maximize reimbursements under the new model. It can take time to hire new people or train current staff to provide high-quality care for these new types of cases.

To help your organization maintain compliance or expand your services, we’ve put together a toolkit that contains:

  • Learning 4 key aspects to successfully navigate PDGM
  • Having a foundational comprehension of PDGM and its financial impact
  • Establishing, developing, and proving staff competency
  • Understanding strategies to address shifting home care market

Inside you will find 5+ white papers, webinars, guides and more!

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