To Manage Risk in IDD and ABA, Focus on Quality

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About This Webinar

While IDD and ABA organizations provide a variety of services, the potential for injury is significant because of the needs of the population served. In addition, changing compliance and regulatory requirements keep IDD and ABA managers on their toes.

Support providers on all levels must understand their responsibilities required under the law, and organizations must be proactive in assessing their risk in this regard. Perhaps the most effective strategy for reducing risk is focusing on the quality of the services you provide and the training of your staff.

In this webinar, IDD and ABA business expert Arlene Bridges explains the critical steps IDD and ABA organizations must take to manage risk.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The risk identification and analysis processes
  • Human capital risk, given the tight job market in IDD and ABA
  • The connection between training programs and areas of exposure
  • How employee and client satisfaction data can reveal areas of risk


Arlene Bridges

Senior Product Manager for IDD & ABA, Relias

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