Key Elements To Build a Business Case for Your Nursing Professional Development Initiative

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Today’s healthcare leaders face a myriad of challenges — all complex and extremely pressing. Some have been present for years, while others have disrupted healthcare organizations in unprecedented ways. As industry concerns continue to grow, healthcare professionals are taking more initiative to address their team’s immediate needs and discover innovative ways to adapt, but many don’t know the best way to deliver their ideas.

Healthcare professionals acknowledge the careful decision-making process, and given the daily challenges teams are facing, making any additional implementations or innovations can seem like an uphill battle — even if they will help solve for the very problems leaders are facing. In fact, a recent webinar poll showed 52% of respondents were not comfortable making proposals to senior leaders for adding resources to their department, and it’s easy to understand why.

This guide is built to help healthcare professionals master the art of advocacy and transform their teams’ immediate needs into a larger business case that gets the attention of any company executive. Download this guide to gain unprecedented insight into:

  • Pressing industry challenges and competing priorities
  • Positioning learning as a solution to solve challenges healthcare leaders face
  • What to consider when making a strong business case
  • 5 strategies for building your business case

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