How Social Determinants of Health Influence Reimbursement and Patient Experience

Social Determinants of Health

About This Webinar

As providers and payers continue to move reimbursements along the value-based payment continuum, the role of the provider/patient relationship becomes even more critical. Effective communication, empathy, and understanding will not only lead to better outcomes, but also play a key role in reimbursements. Patients are more likely to take the steps needed to be active participants in clinical care requirements if they can be delivered in a manner that considers their unique needs.

Watch this webinar as we discuss and learn about the social determinants of health and how they can impact the patient experience and how this, in turn, determines provider reimbursement. Attendees will explore their critical influence on success in the value-based model.


Tom Friedman MPA

Senior Product Manager in Payer and Community Health, Relias

Adam Roesner BSN


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