• Nick Seabrook

    Nick Seabrook

    Managing Principal, SimiTree

  • Todd Montigney

    Todd Montigney

    Managing Principal and Founding Member, BlackTree Healthcare Consulting


The 90-Day Plan: Five Critical Steps to Take Before PDGM Goes Into Effect

About This Webinar

With PDGM less than three months away, agencies must act now by implementing proper training and leveraging technology to drive competencies. In this webinar, BlackTree Healthcare Consulting’s Founding Partner and Managing Principal break down the five critical steps to PDGM success and provide concrete examples of how agencies can successfully navigate this change.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand necessary workflow and procedural changes
  • Educate stakeholders on core changes to the agency’s operations
  • Identify systematic data for full insight to PDGM’s effects on the agency

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