• Nick Seabrook

    Nick Seabrook

    Managing Principal, SimiTree

  • Charles Breznicky Jr.

    Charles Breznicky Jr. RN, MSN, MBA, HCS-D

    Clinical Director , SimiTree Healthcare Consulting


Elements of an Effective QAPI Program

About This Webinar

QAPI programs, whether formal or informal, have been a vital part of a home health agency as they help to identify areas for improvement in both patient care and revenue cycle. The Conditions of Participation, effective January 2018, included specific provisions that all home health agencies have a QAPI program and outlined the elements required for such programs, regardless of the size of the agency.

This webinar provides details of an effective QAPI program as well as the impact QAPI initiatives have throughout an agency.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Identify the role QAPI plays within a home health agency
  • Learn how to identify appropriate Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) and monitor their effectiveness
  • See tools to be used in QAPI activities
  • Discuss the importance of ongoing chart audits

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