Research Brief

Driving Return on Investment for Wound Care Education

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Research Brief
Wound Care
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As the needs of patients across the healthcare industry evolve, it’s critical for care organizations and facilities to have the necessary services and expertise to care for these expanding requirements. The ability to provide consistent and effective wound care is one area that holds tremendous potential to put your organization ahead.

With strong wound care education and a comprehensive wound care protocol in place, your organization can enhance the quality of care, reduce unnecessary readmissions, maximize reimbursements, and increase referrals.

Our Wound Care ROI Calculator, built by a third-party organization based on extensive interviews with Relias wound care clients and industry research, will help demonstrate how an investment in wound care education can lead to significant financial gain. The calculator will allow you to:

  • Customize the tool based the unique needs of your patients and organization.
  • Calculate the financial savings and growth your organization can achieve with Relias Wound Care Education.
  • Discover how Relias successfully addresses customer challenges.
  • Download the accompanying research brief that outlines the methodology of the calculator.

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