Current Trends in Children’s Services: How to Stay Competitive

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About This Webinar

For human services providers serving children, youth and families, especially those in the child welfare system, recent regulatory changes and trends are creating an opportunity. With the focus on normalcy and family-based care vs. congregate care in the Families First Prevention and Services Act (FFPSA), and regulatory changes by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), child welfare providers have to look at how they manage caregivers, provide services, and integrate behavioral health treatment and trauma-informed services into how they practice.

This webinar focuses on current trends in the child welfare and children’s services industry, regulatory changes and what this means for the future. Providers who stay abreast of changes may keep up, but providers who look ahead to prepare for upcoming changes and what these trends mean, stay ahead and remain competitive.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Identify regulatory changes that continue to promote normalcy and family-based care in child welfare
  • Recognize how analyzing and reporting on outcomes helps keep your organization competitive
  • Discover why accreditation is a requirement for certain child welfare providers under FFPSA, and why the field is seeing more mandates for accreditation


Jennifer Flowers MBA

CEO, Accreditation Guru, Inc.

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