The Critical Role of an Infection Preventionist in LTC

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Infection Control

About This Webinar

With all the changes from PDPM, updates to the MDS, increased competition, and mergers and acquisitions, it’s important to also remember that in just 4 months the final phase of the Requirements of Participation will go into effect.

This webinar reviews recent changes in CMS regarding infection control and prevention programs. We identify the importance of the Phase 3 requirement that a trained Infection Preventionist be hired and assigned, what role they play in quality assessment and assurance, and what other benefits their specialized training may bring to the table.

Watch this webinar to:

  • See required qualifications of an Infection Control Officer
  • Identify tasks the IP must oversee within the quality assurance committee
  • State the requirements for a “well established and all-encompassing infection control program”
  • Outline surveillance programs for LTC with NHSN benefits
  • Discuss requirements around resident and employee vaccinations
  • Identify how a trained Infection Preventionist adds value to an organization

This webinar was brought to you in collaboration with PDI and McKesson.


Amanda Thornton RN, MSN, CIC

Clinical Science Liaison, PDI

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