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Ditch reactivity: Be nimble and responsive to change

This webinar covers the characteristics of what successful organizations do when faced with change and how the evolution of healthcare continues to drive changing business needs for providers. We explore how the primary and acute care markets evolved and then, turn to what it looks like for behavioral health providers who are now encountering the same trends.

During this webinar we discuss:

  • Healthcare trends often happen first in primary and acute healthcare before impacting the behavioral health space, so how can you be prepared?
  • Real world examples of what successful organizations look like and the 5 habits all of them share and you need to adopt.
  • Preparation plans for the challenges you might face that match your team’s maturity in terms of organizational responsiveness to change, and mistakes to avoid.


Carol Clayton PhD

VP of Population Health Management, Relias

Andrew Robinson

Director of Portfolio Strategies, Relias

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