Research Brief

Building Resilience: Empowering Your Clients and Your Staff

Health and Human Services
Research Brief
Trauma-Informed Care
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Download this research brief to learn:

  • The physical and emotional impacts of trauma
  • The three main ingredients for building resilience in persons served
  • Six strategies for promoting resilience in your staff, including the benefits of trauma-informed supervision

About this Research Brief

Resilience is the ability to rise above or “bounce back” from adversity. Resilience is a trait that can be found in individuals, but can also be broadly applied to families, communities, and organizations. The recognition that people can overcome traumatic stress by building resilience is a central tenet of the trauma-informed care framework.

Relias’ new white paper, Building Resilience: Empowering Your Clients and Your Staff, shares how people can, and do, recover from trauma. By building upon existing strengths and applying new tools for coping, resilience is a skill that can be fostered.

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