• Dr. Jonathan McCombs

    Dr. Jonathan McCombs PhD, MS

    Program Chair for Criminal Justice Administration, Franklin University

  • George Speaks

    George Speaks

    Deputy Director of Public Safety, City of Columbus


Body Worn Cameras

About This Webinar

Body-Worn Cameras have become a trend in law enforcement agencies throughout the country under high levels of public support and demand. In some states, the legislatures have already required them to be implemented for all law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement officers and leaders need to be aware of the implications of a body-worn camera program, issues to consider, and strategies to evaluate a program already in place.

It will become more important over the next several years for agencies to be able to articulate why the camera program has helped or not helped with citizen complaints and/or use of force issues. The cost of storing data is certainly one concern but how is this impacted by the open records laws in a particular state? How is training going to adjust to the changes in tactics that may be necessary when officers are wearing a body-worn camera?

Watch this webinar as we:

  • Identify a few evaluation methods for body worn camera programs.
  • Describe BWC implications to consider when implementing a BWC program.
  • Articulate BWC research helpful for understanding BWC implementation.

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