Drive Better Patient Care with Interprofessional Education
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Drive Better Patient Care with Interprofessional Education

About This White Paper

Historically, healthcare workers have sharpened the expertise of their fields, largely stuck within their own silos. They were functioning, in effect, in parallel universes, and generally not speaking to each other about the patients they all shared. As healthcare organizations seek a better way, there is a shift in the status quo–bringing an emphasis on interprofessional education into the healthcare industry.

Download this white paper to learn how interprofessional education is supported by:

  • The World Health Organization’s 2010 “Framework for Action on Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice”
  • The Joint Accreditation Program’s requirements
  • Large health systems’ examples on improvement in patient safety and reduction in healthcare costs
  • Designation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance

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