• Kate McNulty

    Kate McNulty

    Director of Business Development, ANCOR

  • Arlene Bridges

    Arlene Bridges

    Senior Product Manager for IDD & ABA, Relias

  • Nellie Galindo

    Nellie Galindo MSW, MSPH

    Product Marketing Manager, Relias


The 2021 DSP Survey Report: Key Findings on DSP Satisfaction, Engagement, and Retention

About This Webinar

In partnership with the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), Relias released the second edition of its DSP Survey Report in July 2021. The 2021 DSP Survey Report dives deeper into themes uncovered in the 2019 survey, while also taking into consideration the impacts COVID-19 had on DSPs and IDD services.

Watch this webinar to hear Relias and ANCOR experts share:

  • How the survey was conducted
  • Key trends and insights on DSP job satisfaction, supervision, recognition, and career advancement
  • Ways to leverage the data to improve DSP engagement and retention at your organization

Watch the Webinar now