Relias Onboarding

Personalized Nurse Onboarding

Improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of nurse onboarding.


Relias Onboarding is the first and only personalized nurse onboarding solution. Whether used for new grads or experienced nurses new to a practice area, our assessment-driven learning approach increases speed to safe, independent practice.

Tailored Onboarding

Assess a nurse’s initial proficiency, and then provide a personalized learning plan tailored to identified learning gaps.

Four Specialty Areas

Covers the top four hospital specialty areas: Med/Surg, ICU, L&D, and the ER, as well as a course to develop successful preceptors.

ANCC Accredited

All courses are ANCC accredited, so nurses earn continuing education credit as they learn.

Blended Learning

Perfect for learning that blends live training with online education. Maximize valuable face-to-face time to focus on areas identified to need the most improvement.

Relias Clinical Solutions help organizations reduce variations in care and improve clinical competency through robust assessment driven learning. Clinical assessments form the blueprints of personalized learning plans where coursework is streamlined to meet clinician’s unique knowledge gaps.

“Using a blended model with Relias Onboarding, Simulation and Clinical, we’ve achieved Accreditation with Distinction from the ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation Program.”


Relias Onboarding provides individual nurses with a personalized learning path unique to the identified knowledge gaps within the assessment. So how does it exactly work?

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment evaluates knowledge and critical thinking with clinical scenarios to identify individual strengths and knowledge gaps.

Content Prioritization

Content is delivered in easy-to-absorb, 2-8 minute segments with content prioritized as red for required, yellow for recommended, and green for optional.

Tailored Learning Plans

Relias Onboarding prescribes a personalized learning plan, based on assessment results, including videos, case studies, and interactive 3D animations with text.

Data Reports

Helpful reports track completion progress, identify individual/group strengths and weaknesses, and benchmark performance against peers and national samples.

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Traditional onboarding is a one-size-fits-all approach that can decrease engagement and waste resources. Through Relias Onboarding’s assessment and personalized learning path, easily identify individual nurse strengths and learning gaps as you increase speed to safe, independent practice.

Saved Time and Resources

Personalizing education content reduces overall seat time, which saves valuable time and resources.

Increased Nurse Retention

By respecting established proficiency, the personalized onboarding experience improves nurse satisfaction and engagement, impacting long-term retention.

Readiness to Practice

Assessing and filling in identified learning gaps builds a standardized baseline of clinical knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Continuous Improvement

Data from helpful reports helps identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement to continually improve the effectiveness of education.


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