Practice Performance Management

Increase Engagement And Accelerate Change

Align providers with health system goals and empower them to lead value-based care transformation.


Relias empowers care teams and leaders with relevant data to accelerate change. Automating the delivery of performance insights allows providers to focus on delivering quality care. Motivate providers to partner in key quality improvement initiatives and share accountability in value-driven care.

Automated KPIs

Share performance against key indicators, including HCAHPS, CAHPS, population health, MSSP, core measures, chronic disease and pharmacy metrics.

Performance Scorecards

Provides personalized views of performance data with relevant targets and metrics and drill-down paths to patient detail lists, ensuring data accuracy and acceptance.

Customized Dashboards

Give physicians what they need to monitor their performance and focus improvement efforts through role-specific views.

Peer Comparison

Leverage social motivation and encourage collaboration among providers around best practices and areas for growth.

Root-Cause Analysis

Understand where variation exists in your data and how it impacts your performance.

Data Validation

Empower providers with transparency into their performance data, giving them the opportunity to ensure accuracy.

“Aligning physicians and providers with system-wide goals accelerates change.”


Practice performance brings all your data sources together as the first step in driving change. Uniting operational and clinical data for a single source of truth across service lines, providers, and systems ensures individual improvement efforts align with organizational priorities and goals. Easily see how providers are affecting clinical and financial outcomes and where change is necessary.

Data Integration

Reduce the burden and reliance on IT by automating manual data prep, metric calculation and analysis, decreasing time to insight.

Value-Based Metrics

Automated metrics support accountable care initiatives across value-based purchasing programs.

Customizable Scoring

Determine relevant metrics and weight based on organizational and team goals.

Top-Down Scorecards

Analytic Performance Scorecards provide system, peer group, clinic, and physician-level views of performance.

Provider Compensation

Motivate physicians with visibility into how performance is affecting their incentive compensation.

Targeted Recommendations

Suggested learning and evidence-based best practices help close the gaps identified through analytics and effect change.

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Providing care teams with relevant data promotes collaboration around best practices and provider engagement. Creating transparency empowers providers to focus efforts and accelerate change. Engaging providers helps organizations deliver on quality improvement initiatives and optimize care.

Provider Engagement

Turnover and burnout contribute to variation, and giving care teams the insight they need to provide quality care can help combat these pressing concerns.

Reduced IT Dependence

Automating data delivery and analysis prevents the bottleneck that can burden your IT department, freeing them to do other critical work.

Sharing of Best Practices

Care teams and physicians identifying and sharing best practices deliver better outcomes, faster.

Evidence-Based Learning

Guide improvement by tying personalized learning and best practices to areas for growth.