Learning Management System Tracking and Reporting

Resources To Inform And Safeguard Performance

Our automated, one-click tracking and reporting save you time and effort.


Always be prepared with the data and reports you need. Relias helps you get better at managing compliance and course completions with at-a-glance tracking tools.

Automated Dashboards

Our automated dashboards let you view data in different ways to provide deeper insight into your training program’s effectiveness.

Flexible Views

View staff course completions in multiple ways, whether by job title or department, based on the criteria you set.


To remain compliant with constantly changing regulations, the ability to track and report on more than just online courses is key. Our expanded tracking options allow you to manage your blended learning just as easily—items like your live events or non-training requirements—and all in one place.

Live Events

Manage your live, hands-on and classroom-style training events in the Relias LMS.

Non-Training Events

Track your non-training mandatory items, for example, driver’s license renewals and professional license renewals.

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Find, create and share reports quickly and easily. The enhanced functionality, flexibility and tile-based visual display of our reports were developed with busy professionals like you in mind, to save you time and hassle - especially during surveys or audits. Whether you’re preparing for a survey or audit, a staff meeting or identifying performance trends to guide your training plans, the Relias LMS can help.

Exactly What You Need

Finding staff training records is tough – especially if you’re a paper-based organization. Relias helps you manage training records in one place for peace of mind.

Exactly When You Need It

When it’s survey or audit time, access to reports is key. Just filter your report to display records for the entire organization or just a single employee and print!

“Everything is automated – everything from live events to skills checklists to requirements trackers.”


Listen as Laura Minor shares how Relias’ ease of reporting assisted Wheeler Clinic in passing audits successfully, and improving efficiency and time management.