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Our innovative learning tools can help you improve staff performance, drive better care and save money.


Increase knowledge retention with automated memory boosters rooted in brain science. A Relias-exclusive innovation, BrainSparks are multiple-choice questions delivered to staff after they complete a course to re-engage their memory on key topics to improve retention of the material.

Automated Delivery

Each course auto-sends six BrainSparks using the spacing effect method. The first batch is sent on days 2, 4 and 6, and the second batch on days 30, 32 and 34.

Flexible Management

Managers can enable or disable BrainSparks at the organizational or individual course level. They can also see the six questions delivered to their staff.

Mobile Optimized

Provide your staff with the convenience of receiving and completing BrainSparks anywhere and on any electronic device.

Free Access

BrainSparks are free of charge to all Relias clients. As the leader in online education for healthcare, we are committed to providing the very best to our clients.

“With Relias, we found a much better product overall and a much more user-friendly system.”


Improve staff engagement, knowledge retention and compliance. Relias Gaming Elements help you drive staff engagement using incentivized learning – points, seals and leaderboards – so that staff complete training because they want to, not because they have to.


Staff earn coins by completing modules in the Relias learning management system to purchase crest décor, gift seals to coworkers or upgrade existing seals or crest.


Staff ‘level up’ based on the number of modules they have taken. As levels increase, the number of modules required to pass the level also increases.


Results for each individual, team or department are easily tracked with leaderboards, which also encourage long-term motivation and friendly competition.


Staff earn seals—images used to decorate their personal crests—after each course or event completion. Seals become more intricate as their levels increase.

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Critical information, when and where you need it most. Relias Pro on the Go provides staff with brief, targeted training on the spot, allowing them to properly perform procedures using relevant, quickly accessible information.

Individually Assignable

Encourage your staff to enroll in Pro on the Go modules at their own discretion. Managers can also assign modules to their staff.

Report Ready

Provide utilization output for one or many learners showing specific modules accessed, with the option of custom date ranges.

Video Content

Many modules include video content to aid in your staff’s skill application.

Mobile & Tablet Optimized

Make it easy for staff to learn on-the-go. Courses are conveniently accessible on the Relias learning management system, or on mobile and tablet devices.


The right training - anywhere, anytime. The Relias Mobile App offers training flexibility and convenience. It includes access to courses, short refresher modules, science-based knowledge retention tools, and a place staff can communicate.

My Learning

This section includes three tabs by which staff can access or complete Training, Pro on the Go modules or BrainSparks directly within the app.


See public and organization-specific posts, depending on the selected tab. Within each tab, you can toggle between others based on the information you want to find.


Receive notifications for new or upcoming training, Pro on the Go modules or assigned BrainSparks.


Find people, tags and posts in the public or organization-specific tabs. Or, view items trending within the search screen.

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Create, record and report on your staff's abilities in one place and with greater efficiency. Relias Skills Checklists makes it easy to keep track of your staff’s skills so you can better identify and address any gaps that could lead to variation in care.

User Roles

Set user permissions to create, edit, clone, enroll in, record observations of, and attest to skills checklists.


Clone any skills checklist your organization has access to and an exact replica will be made barring any enrollments.


Gain insight into completions, “met or not met” status, observations and progress summary statistics—down to the individual task level. Reports can be exported, saved and set on an automatic email frequency of your choice.


Streamline your competency management process by accessing everything in one place. Relias Competency Tracker helps you easily assign, assess and track the knowledge, skills and experience required by your staff to perform specific activities.

Behavior Tracking

Evaluate and track specific, observable behaviors based upon a defined standard and scale.


Customize proficiency standards and scale, as well as learner and evaluator attestations.

User Permissions

Control which users can record evaluated competencies or restrict visibility into detailed reporting on competency scores.

Automated Reporting

Send completion and compliance reports, view competency scores for specific learners or break down the whole score to see the individual score per standard.


Automatically send reminders to both learners and evaluators to keep attestation statements and recordings on track.


Print tracking templates and recorded observations for employee files.

“The time we save in staff hours doing things like scanning in reports and dealing with paper competencies allows us to use our administrative staff more efficiently.”


Keep track of your staff's non-training requirements, like professional licenses, hands-on certifications, driver's licenses and routine screenings automatically, the same way you keep track of your staff training. Relias Requirements Tracker helps improve the accuracy and safeguarding of your organization by making sure your professionals can continue providing excellent care.


Requirements Trackers are used just like modules within the Relias learning management system to assign and track non-training requirements for each employee.


Automated emails can be sent to supervisors to notify them when an employee submits an attachment.


Staff, supervisors and system admins are able to upload and view multiple files per employee.


Gain deeper visibility into submitted non-training requirements at the organizational and individual levels.


Kelli Houston, Training Manager at Embassy Management, LLC, understands the value of innovative learning and comprehensive training plans. She shares how she found a solid training partner in Relias.